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These days, most healthcare business owners spend the majority of their efforts and budget on investing in social media marketing, foregoing email marketing and other engagement avenues assuming a steady stream of status updates on Facebook will suffice. Social media marketing is certainly important but healthcare email marketing is also essential for engaging the target audience.  

If you are like most healthcare company owners, you may not know how to properly use email marketing to establish inroads with prospective patients and maintain consistent contact with existing patients. Stodzy is here to ensure you make the most of email marketing.  The best part is our digital marketing professionals do nearly all the work on your behalf.

Email Marketing And Customer Engagement

Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing is still a highly effective platform for healthcare businesses to capitalize on establishing constant contact with prospective and existing clients.  There is no guarantee prospective and current customers will wade through the seemingly endless amount of social media content to find and read your healthcare company’s posts.  Furthermore, your online content might not make it to the first page or two of search engine results pages (SERPs).  

Email marketing puts your healthcare company and its value proposition directly in front of current customers as well as potential customers. It would be counterproductive to invest all of your marketing efforts solely on Facebook or SEO when Facebook and search engines have the potential to alter their algorithm – wreaking havoc on your marketing strategy. 

While social media marketing is dynamic, healthcare email marketing is comparably static, meaning it will prove consistent across posterity. This tried and true method of connecting with locals ensures your healthcare company’s mission is put directly in the face of your target audience.

Stodzy has gone to great lengths to create a full-service, comprehensive email marketing strategy for healthcare companies nationwide. The goal is to use email marketing to expand your company’s target audience and ultimately convert prospects into paying clients. Aside from bringing more patients into the fold, a professional email marketing strategy will also further engage your current client base. This ongoing engagement greatly increases the chances of retaining your client base.

Why Healthcare Email Marketing Is Important

Healthcare email marketing campaigns are of the utmost importance as they ramp up traffic, add to the email list, and gradually fortify your customer base.  In short, email marketing campaigns will help your business maintain constant contact with clients while encouraging them to spread the word about your unmatched services to other locals in the community.  Email marketing keeps your business in touch with alumni, helping to educate them on how to improve their health, while encouraging them to advertise your healthcare services through the credible strategy of word-of-mouth marketing.  

After all, a healthy and satisfied patient has the potential to convert numerous friends, family members, and colleagues into lifelong patients. Stodzy’s email marketing software empowers our team to track success rates, maintain patient relationships, and also ensures your healthcare business’ mission is displayed in the spotlight.

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How Our Email Marketing System Works

Our inbound marketing specialists at Stodzy have created a detailed keystroke program that allows us to directly embed our services into patient portals and customized alumni programs.  An email permission form is inserted in the discharge procedure of each client, ensuring we collect new contacts and obtain permission to reach out to them through email newsletters.  

After the contact information is received, an individual at your facility will add the new contact to the email list or transmit it to us so we can add the client’s information to the campaign. You will also have the ability to communicate with our team about upcoming alumni events and helpful/important information for your patients and we will be sure to add that to the campaign.  Our team at Stodzy is dedicated to helping your healthcare company maintain important relationships and build new ones as time progresses.

Our team at Stodzy is dedicated to helping your healthcare company maintain important relationships and build new ones as time progresses.

Building The Email List

Web-based signup forms combined with alumni protocol are the key components of expanding an effective healthcare marketing email list. The email list will gradually expand as more people discover the valuable services your unique healthcare company offers.

In other words, email marketing really is one of the most important healthcare marketing tools.  Our team of professionals will spearhead this challenge on your behalf and take on the challenge of assembling an email list while personally connecting you with prospective and existing clients.

Boosting Online Traffic Through Email Marketing

Stodzy specializes in catalyzing web traffic through captivating online content.  However, some people are not web surfers and prefer to read personalized emails rather than search Google, use Facebook, or read online reviews of local practices. Ultimately, this means your healthcare company needs informative emails sent directly to current and prospective clients.  

Each of the email newsletters our team creates is carefully tailored to your company’s target audience. Everything from the subject lines to the content of the actual emails matters a great deal in the context of converting prospects into paying clients while also connecting with current clients. At Stodzy, we know exactly how to create persuasive emails to fortify your customer base while personalizing your brand.

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Healthcare Email Campaigns And Maintaining Patient Longevity

Plenty of patients will avoid their doctor or other healthcare provider until they experience health issues. Maintaining a consistent healthcare marketing campaign will almost ensure that former clients will return to your practice for all of their healthcare needs. 

Out of sight, out of mind. 

If your healthcare company does not put emails front and center – before your competition and in front of your clients – your former patients will inevitably forget about your services and move on to the next healthcare provider. It takes one reminder via your email campaign to plant a mental seed in a former patient’s mind that your team is still ready and willing to provide the professional healthcare services they need. 

Healthcare Email Campaigns And Maintaining Patient Longevity

Stodzy has over a decade of experience collaborating with healthcare providers across the nation. We have worked with countless healthcare companies that offer aftercare programs and we have found that email marketing is the most effective means of remaining in touch with patients long after your services are provided. 

Let the Stodzy team spearhead your email marketing campaign and reinforce these valuable relationships as your practice continues to benefit from their continued business. Furthermore, our dedicated email marketing campaigns strive to inspire your clients to write authentic online reviews that will ultimately cultivate new leads.  

Our team of healthcare email marketers are here to engage your online audience, converting prospects into paying customers. Let our digital marketing specialists handle your healthcare email marketing and we promise that you will not be disappointed. You can reach our inbound marketing team by dialing 800-761-1426 or filling out our online contact form.

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