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Using social media for rehab marketing is about connecting addiction and mental health professionals with their clients. Social media has quickly become an important marketing platform. Especially for businesses, including rehab and mental health centers. 

If you are not making proper use of social media marketing, you are missing out on opportunities to personalize your connection with new clients.

Social media platforms serve as an important arena for cultivating a mutually beneficial dialogue. Stodzy is here to help you make the most of these important web-based platforms in the industries we serve.

Use Social Media To Personalize Your Rehab or Mental Health Center

Rehab or mental healthcare marketing and social media have quickly become inseparable. The prudent use of these social platforms brands your services appropriately. This forges bonds with new clients and strengthens existing client relationships. 

Everything from your center’s message on these platforms, to your selling proposition, target audience, and personalized brand is extremely important. In fact, even the font and color scheme you use plays a role in engaging audiences on social media platforms.

Meet with our social media marketing specialists to go over these subtle, yet important details. Then, we will develop an individualized social media marketing strategy to heighten awareness of your rehab or mental health center.

The beauty of social media is it helps your center connect with customers who have a genuine interest in your services. As long as you share valuable information and interact with this audience on a consistent basis, social media will help you build a loyal following. This can likely help spread the word about your services to friends, family, and the community.

Social Networks Build Community

Contrary to popular opinion, people who use social media platforms really are willing to follow organizations such as rehab and mental health centers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. 

An informative and engaging Facebook page will help grow your organization, engage prospects, and boost your revenue. 

Satisfied clients will like and share your posts, type up positive reviews for fellow social media users to see, and encourage others in their networks to visit your facility.

Social media users have the potential to become advocates for your brand. In essence, they work on your behalf as no-cost marketers who spread the word about the value of your rehab or mental health center.

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Quality Over Quantity

Increasing your follower base on social media is only a small part of social media marketing. The quality of your followers matters more than the aggregate figure.

More specifically, locals in need of your rehab or mental health services are the most important. Furthermore, it does not make sense to amass followers in other states or countries if they have no chance of converting into prospective clients. 

The most valuable aspect of social media marketing is the ability to share content–in real-time–with locals who are likely to convert into paying clients.

Stodzy knows exactly how to use social platforms to zero in on these locals and the demographics that matter the most–generating truly meaningful leads and converting them into loyal customers.

Spreading Incentives Through Social Media

As most business owners know, convincing people to pay for services or products with regularity is largely accomplished by getting them on-site to prove the value of your organization.

Instead of passing out flyers at get-togethers, let Stodzy spearhead your inbound marketing push through the strategic use of social media. When used properly, social media incentivizes locals to schedule a visit to your facility.

Stodzy’s social media specialists have a number of tactics to provide incentives to your social media followers:

  • Social media giveaways

  • Steering social media users to sales pages to demonstrate your value proposition

  • Engagement through surveys

  • Providing no-cost educational material to promote services

These are just some creative ways Stodzy utilizes social media marketing to bring locals in for a look at your facility’s unique value offering. Truthfully, by creating brand awareness, and sharing helpful information, clients are more likely to trust your center as an authority in the industry. This is why personalized social media campaigns are so important.

Social stigma often prevents people from getting the help they need. Connecting rehab and mental health professionals to prospective clients, on a personal level, can help facilitate interest in the unique services your center has to offer.

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Rehab and Mental Health Social Media Networking

There is a common misconception that any organization can master the nuances of social media. This is because Facebook started out as an informal platform for college students. 

The truth is, Facebook and other social media platforms have morphed into highly-complex marketing tools. Social media marketing requires patience and hard work to get the most out of these tools. Delegating social media responsibilities to a part-time in-house employee will not get the job done.  

In order to capitalize on the benefits of social media marketing, you need a team of proven professionals who know how to utilize social media platforms. We cultivate meaningful and consistent connections with prospective and existing clients.  

Stodzy has social media marketing perfected. Aside from helping rehab and mental health centers forge meaningful connections on social media platforms, we go the extra mile by providing:

  • Quantifiable results that measure the impact of social media marketing on your center’s bottom line

  • Comprehensive analytics

  • In-depth reports that demonstrate the true impact of social media marketing

  • Insight from inbound marketing experts who have proven their ability to maximize user engagement on social media

Stodzy’s team specializes in social media marketing. As such, we are here to make the most of your value and capitalize on your center’s unique services while targeting the appropriate audience. 

Let Stodzy engage your target audience through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Our team of experts knows exactly how to build a valuable online community through engaging content that enhances your lead-generation strategy.

Stodzy Internet Marketing Is On Your Side

We have the nuances of internet marketing mastered.  Our digital marketing specialists are here to help your rehab or mental health organization grow and ultimately realize its potential. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you use social media in your rehab marketing.

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