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Drug and alcohol rehabs of all sizes and types should have carefully crafted online content that is properly optimized for local search marketing. Every single aspect of your online footprint should be created with local online sleuths in mind. Effective local search marketing for rehabs will get your content on the first couple of SERPs (search engine results pages). This will provide important visibility leading to the consideration of your company’s value proposition and subsequent conversions of prospects into paying clients.

Local Search Marketing for Rehabs Done Right

Stodzy Internet Marketing has your local search marketing needs covered.  Our mission is to boost your rehab’s local rankings on the all-important search engines. Online local search traffic is especially important. It directs prospective clients in your area to the location of your business on the web,. This ultimately forms leads, many of which convert into paying clients.

Take a moment to consider the perspective of a potential client in need of addiction and co-occurring mental health services. As you search for the service needed, you begin by typing in a local identifier such as your city and the service/product. For example, consider an individual with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. This individual recognizes there is a problem, types in his or her city on Google’s search engine along with “drug addiction counseling” and conducts the search. 

The goal is for your business to appear on the first couple of pages of Google’s SERPs. If your online content is optimized for local, relevant keyword searches, your website, or another component of your online footprint, will appear on the first page or two of the SERPs. Few people are willing to click the third, fourth, and fifth pages of online search results. In fact, most people are quick to click the initial search result on the first page without searching any further. This is why your business needs to be listed as high as possible on the first two pages of SERPs.  

It is particularly important to note nearly half of all online searches are localized. This means that those searching the web are on the prowl for products and services in their local area.  If you do not tailor your content to rank for local traffic, prospective clients will struggle to find your business. This will ultimately reduce the chances of grabbing their attention and converting them into paying customers.

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Local Search Marketing for Rehabs: Best Practices

There is no magic formula for local search marketing for rehabs or medication-assisted clinics for that matter. Though the use of keywords and key phrases will certainly help, too many keywords/phrases will penalize your content in the search engine rankings for oversaturation. The bottom line is the local search marketing puzzle is complicated. There are a lot of local search ranking factors that come into play.

Local SEO strategies are detailed in a seemingly endless number of courses combined with a mixture of keeping up with the complicated algorithms of popular search engines. Our digital marketing specialists are here to simplify this challenge.  We zero in on two specific components of local search marketing: organic search traffic and Google map listings.

Organic Search Traffic

Google map listings are certainly important, however, there are several other important aspects in developing an effective local search marketing campaign. Google will only permit one address per business. If you have several locations, it will be much more challenging to enhance your company’s local search rankings for all of your locations. For example, addiction and mental health service providers typically market their services to several locations rather than a single town or city.  This means the challenge of catalyzing organic search traffic is that much more complex. Spiking online traffic for several locations requires other strategies outside of simply implementing local SEO marketing. The solution is developing high-quality content that is squarely centered on the intent of the users.

The generation of creating captivating online content is one of our SEO specialties.  Lean on us for assistance and we will create engaging content that spikes your local organic traffic. Grabbing the attention of prospective clients via content is inherently challenging. Each page of your online content must be carefully optimized for search engines. Furthermore, the content should be presented in a manner that considers the reader’s user experience. Every user that visits the page should find the information presented to be insightful or helpful in some manner. Ideally, your online content should serve the purpose of informing your audience and offering resolutions to their questions and concerns.

However, the content must also be laced with specific key phrases, keywords, and local identifiers that improve its ranking on search engines. This strategy will increase your site’s visibility and convert visitors into paying customers. The more organic the discovery of your online content will ultimately lead to more prospects and an increase in sales.

Map Listings

Every rehab business should be listed in Google’s business directory. Relying solely on local listings will not guarantee to help your business win the local search marketing competition, but it will certainly help.  Map listings are typically toward the top of the SERPs after a local search is conducted. Google often positions these listings below pay-per-click advertisements, also known as PPCs.  

Google’s My Business listings provide a helpful platform that displays your company’s services when someone conducts a localized search.  If your company ranks in the local three-pack, organic leads are more likely to find you instead of the competition.  After all, every single phone call and email matters as it has the potential to translate to a paying customer.  

For example, if you were to search Google for “Boca internet marketing businesses”, you would find Stodzy Internet Marketing prominently featured in the SERPs. In other words, the local search marketing strategy detailed above really does work. 

Google has a number of unique local SEO ranking factors. One particularly important factor is the number of reviews. Furthermore, traction through the Google+ business listing also matters. Our team has mastered all these details. Put your faith in us and we will sweat all the small stuff of local search marketing on your behalf.

Timely and Ongoing Assistance With Exactly What You Need For Effective Local Search Marketing

There is no sense in attempting to master the subtleties of local search marketing on your own when our SEO experts are here to lend invaluable assistance. Instead, lean on Stodzy for your rehab marketing challenge. We will do the work to bring new patients to your practice, rehab business, or other medical-related enterprises in the industries we serve.  Even if you have a minor interest in local search marketing, our assistance will prove helpful in connecting you to locals who need your company’s unique value offering. 

Optimizing local search results for your rehab business ultimately ensures you get the most out of your marketing efforts.  Once you are at the top of the local search rankings, you will finally be able to rest easy knowing your online content is doing everything possible to steer new clients your way.  However, it is not enough to simply gear your content toward people in a certain town or zip code unless your business is comparably small or limited in scope.  

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There is a good chance that your overarching challenge is connecting with clients across several cities and states. Trust our team to build web-based bridges to clients in these locales and your local search marketing campaign will maximize its impact. If you are looking for a reliable team to handle local search marketing for rehabs, contact us today.

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