We all know by know that social media can have a huge impact on businesses and cultural movements. Addiction recovery is a movement that thrives on social media. This is because there are so many people that are passionate about treatment and recovery. The movement spreads organically. Addiction treatment centers can leverage social media to spread their brand and their message to great effect.

But beware! Making mistakes in your rehab centers social media strategy can cost your facility a lot of money. If you are unsure of what and how to effectively market your treatment facility, this article is for you. Within this article, you will see several excellent examples of treatment facilities using social media to great success.

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Klean Treatment Centers

A great example of a treatment facility using social media to maximum benefit is Klean Treatment Centers. Based in West Hollywood, California, Klean Treatment Center’s Facebook page is an excellent example of how professional photography and video promote sell services. Check out the home page shown below:

Klean Treatment Centers utilizes both photographs and videos that are professionally shot and edited. In this example, the facility understands the value of video in order to reach out to potential clients. Treatment facilities that use social media should have a variety of “eye candy” to keep a viewers interest.

You want to display authority right away so that when a loved one of an addict or a potential client is watching your material, they see right away that you are able to help them.

Let’s look at another example:

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

As stated earlier, treatment facilities using social media understand the power of photographs in marketing their brand. Not only should photographs be professional looking, they need to be pleasing to the eye. A great example can be found on the Facebook page of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches:

The above photo is a great example of how inviting this photo collage appears to viewers of their Facebook page. Professionally done, appealing and soothing to look at and taking advantage of the great scenery. As with Klean Treatment Centers, photographs taken of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches are eye-catching enough for people to visit the site for longer periods of time. Additionally, potential clients are more apt to visit their website and check out other links.

In addiction, Palm Beaches uses the Facebook dialog box as seen below:

Utilization of the dialog box on your website can be invaluable to potential clients. As they are checking out your site, they can check out treatment programs that are available, cost and how to reach your facility–all without leaving your Facebook page. Think of it as a one-stop shop for anyone that is interesting in your services.

Origins Recovery Centers

Origins Recovery Center also utilizes high quality photography to invite people to take a closer look at their facility:

Much like other top treatment facilities using social media, Origins Recovery Center features a rating system and gives patients opportunity to talk about their experience at their facility:

While having glowing reviews across the board creates a favorable first impression, you may fear that any negative reviews or experiences will significantly impact your facility. Keep in mind that while you strive to provide the best care, negative experiences do happen. You can use those less favorable reviews to your advantage.

Think of it has a checks and balances. You can use those opportunities to reach out to the patient. You can also reply to those negative reviews to find ways to improve. Ultimately, those negative reviews help you shore up the services and care you provide.

We always advocate listening to your clients. They will tell you how to provide the best treatment experience possible. Social media will give you a level and understanding and empathy that can only add extra value to what you do and the people you help.

Banyan Treatment Center

When people are considering your treatment facility for services, the biggest obstacle are the unknowns. This is completely understandable. Making the decision to undergo treatment is a major life decision. Among the most commonly asked questions that prospective clients have is how the admission and treatment process works.

Banyan Treatment Center’s Facebook page features videos that explain the admission and treatment process:

Explaining what clients can expect during their time in treatment goes a long way in easing minds. Being transparent and open about admissions and treatment entices people to learn more about the services and treatment they can expect.

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Another key component in effectively using social media is showing potential clients that you are active within the recovery community. It’s great to provide awesome treatment services, but what are you doing to spread the message of recovery?

Listing upcoming and current events is a great way to show people that you are vested in every stage of recovery. A great example of this can be seen on the Facebook page of Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment:

Whether it is guest speakers, potlucks, community days or other events, showing people that you have presence in the community shows you are in the recovery business for reasons other than profit. Ultimately, you want to spread the message that your facility gives the tools and support needed to empower addicts to pursue lifelong recovery.

Treatment Facilities Using Social Media: What Can You Incorporate in Your Marketing Campaign?

Now that you have looked at great examples of how treatment facilities use social media, you need to sit down and think. Is your facility a newbie in regards to harnessing the power of social media? Have you tried to use social media in the past to promote your services, but had limited returns on your investment? Building a solid social media marketing program takes great thought.

No matter what experiences you have with social media, it helps to have professional help in creating a marketing strategy that works best for you. Stodzy Internet Marketing fully understands the dynamics of marketing treatment facilities. No matter what your budget or vision, our dedicated team of professionals can help grow your brand through the following means:

Local Search Marketing

When you are using social media to grow your facility, effectively reaching your local market is absolutely crucial. When people search for your facility, they need to be able to find you right away. At Stodzy, we will help you institute a local search marketing strategy tailored to your needs. Through accurate map listings and generating engaging quality content, we will ensure that your facility ranks high in search engines for the long term.


By now you have heard about the importance of search engine optimization and how proper SEO utilization helps your facility rank high in internet searches. The professionals at Stodzy Marketing will help research important keywords that will increase organic searches. We will also take the lead in creating engaging content that holds the readers’ interest. Additionally, we will link content to both your site and reputable organizations to further legitimize and grow your brand.

Traditional Marketing

While social media is a powerful tool, you cannot underestimate the power of traditional marketing strategies. Through the use of business cards, portfolios, radio, print and television advertising and good ol’ fashioned networking, our team will work with you in developing a comprehensive long-term strategy.

Are you ready to grow your facility for the long-term? Call Stodzy Internet Marketing toll-free today and speak to our dedicated team. Learn to harness the power of social media for your facility’s benefit.

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