The healthcare industry is as dynamic as it gets. The industry is rapidly transitioning from in-person interactions in medical offices to telemedicine conducted on the internet. Furthermore, medical records are transitioning away from paper to the digital variety.  Add in the fact that people are now searching for medical care providers on the web rather than meeting with others to learn about healthcare service and it is easy to see why companies in this space find it a bit difficult to make a seamless transition.

Healthcare Companies Need an Online Presence

As we rapidly shift to a digital society, it is becoming quite clear a web presence is necessary for healthcare companies to fulfill their potential. There is a common misconception that a website will suffice. Though healthcare company websites are certainly important, they must be complemented by additional digital tools ranging from inbound marketing to social media and beyond. Furthermore, the website must be highly visible to spur web-based traffic and win new business. Visibility means the site should be ranked toward the top of the Google search results.

Keep in mind that the typical searcher will not click the results beyond the first page or two.  Furthermore, many searchers will not click past the initial couple search results. This is precisely why search engine optimization (SEO) and lnikbuilding for healthcare is so important. If someone in need of your healthcare services or products searches the web for “healthcare near me” or “rehab near me” and your website does not appear toward the top of the rankings, it is time to make some headway on your SEO. In short, you need the assistance of our digital marketing experts for link building.

The Basics of Link Building For Healthcare

Link building boils down to acquiring hyperlinks to your website hosted on the pages of other sites.  Ideally, a considerable number of websites will link directly to your site from their pages. These links are referred to as backlinks. Our inbound marketing specialists are here to help you perfect your link building strategy, boost your SEO and ultimately rank as highly as possible. However, any old back links will not suffice. Backlinks that are high in quality are of the utmost importance.

Google relies on links for web crawling when generating search results. Each webpage’s quality is analyzed to gauge its search ranking for specific keywords. Webpage quality is particularly important for Google’s algorithm. Search engines analyze the page content including the number of backlinks that point to the page from other sites. Furthermore, the quality of the external sites is also considered. The more high-quality websites that link to the site, the better it will rank in the search engine results.

The quality of a site’s content is partially determined by the relevancy and value of its information. The search engine’s crawling along with the page assessment determine part of the site quality. However, the number and quality of sites that backlink to your pages are particularly important in the context of site quality. In short, Google views backlinks as votes of confidence. If online content is viewed as relevant and valuable, it will be linked by numerous other sites.

Link Building is Centered on Establishing Credibility

Link building is best thought of as a means of establishing legitimacy for a webpage. If other sites do not link to yours or if the sites that link to yours are not credible, your site will struggle to rank well. The moral of this story is link building for healthcare and SEO are inherently complex. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance with these challenges. The system is designed to reward sites that offer legitimate value as such sites that answer pertinent questions and help people find information.

Though it will take some work to perform proper link building, the effort is worth it. The bottom line is Google’s system is difficult to manipulate so those that put in the work will be rewarded with a higher ranking and more traffic.

The Challenge of Link Building

Link building in the context of healthcare or any other industry should be thought of as link earning. The most important component of this process is generating content that justifies links. If your company’s homepage or service pages provide valuable information, they are that much more likely to be linked to by other businesses and sites. This is your chance to enlighten, educate and inform others while simultaneously inspiring links that direct traffic to your site. Ideally, your content will justify editorial links provided by the website editor or owner.

Website owners and webmasters are inclined to link to resources on your healthcare site such as infographics and informative blog posts. The challenge lies in creating truly unique content that cannot be found elsewhere on the web. Provide information that justifies sharing and other sites will refer to yours with links, steering that much more traffic your way.

Continue to generate new content that inspires even more links to your pages and it will pay off in due time. Google considers these links when ranking your site. Such natural links are coveted yet they are not exactly easy to obtain. Our SEO experts are here to help you every step of the way.

Build Links With Outreach

An outreach effort will help you build that many more links. Socialize with fellow business owners and managers, reach out to website owners/webmasters and connect with bloggers. Inquire as to whether these parties are willing to link their readers to your website. Furthermore, it will help to develop relationships with those in your industry.  Just be sure to offer something of value for true reciprocity that proves mutually beneficial to you and those you network with.

At this point, you are likely wondering what, exactly, you can offer.  Even if you are simply willing to link to the other sites from yours, it will prove helpful for the purpose of establishing new relationships.  Consider providing the site in question with a guest blog post that backlinks to your website. Be flexible, create link building relationships across posterity and your web traffic and SEO will continue to increase.

The Best Strategy

The question is not if you should build links but what the best strategy is to build them. Links are essential to achieving a high search engine ranking. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better your chances are of ranking high when those in your area search for your healthcare service or product.  Even a link added to a guest blog post has the potential to help your site receive more traffic, especially if that post goes viral.

Continue to establish relationships with other website owners and webmasters, build trust and link to one another’s sites. Guest blog on other sites, build your links and establish yourself as a credible industry authority. Your healthcare services website will gradually move up toward the top of the rankings, receive that many more clicks and boost your bottom line in the form of a steady influx of new clients.

Link Building for Healthcare at Stodzy Internet Marketing

Stodzy Internet Marketing has been building links for over 10 years. Our outreach team and established staff knows what it takes to find quality backlinks and build authority to websites. Contact Stodzy Internet Marketing today for more information.

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