Getting traffic to a website isn’t that difficult. With so many tools and tactics available to us, we have found efficient and more creative ways to drive web traffic to drug and alcohol treatment center websites through these marketing techniques.

Web traffic is an important element in what we do, but it isn’t the most important.

Our intention is not to increase web traffic, our intention is to increase conversions.

The drug and alcohol treatment marketing services we provide will bring more traffic to your site. With that said, web traffic is not the goal. Increased admissions are the goal. We could drive 10,000 hits of traffic to your website but if no one calls then where is the value?

At Stodzy, our objective has always been about skipping the noise and fluff and working towards real tangible results. We implement digital web marketing services in order to get more clients into your treatment center.

This mentality is the reason why Stodzy continues to be the most effective and most reputable digital marketing firm in the industry.

For us, conversion is the name of the game. If we don’t have a good strategy to convert the traffic, then we have not done our jobs and you have wasted your money.

It’s taken years of us experimenting with different conversion optimization tactics to figure out what works best in the treatment industry. As is the case with most things in life, the simplest strategies have proven to be the most effective.

In this article, I will go over some tips and strategies that will increase your conversion rates on your website. With more conversion, you will be able to bring in more clients with the same amount of web traffic you currently have.

Let’s get started

Click to Call on Mobile – You’re Doing it Wrong

It’s no secret.

More people are using their mobile phones than ever before. Most of the traffic your facility’s website will get is going to be from a mobile device.

There are some disadvantages to this, simply because the screen on a mobile device is smaller so we are challenged in displaying the information effectively. But the advantage of mobile traffic is that we can format the website so that people can hit a button and call directly from the web page.

One of the most common and most costly mistakes we on treatment center websites is that they don’t display the phone number on every page of the site.

Most of the time, the phone number will be at the top of the site, within the navigation bar. Usually, the phone number doesn’t stick on the top of the screen. This is not right. The phone number should follow the user around everywhere they go on the site.

Also, be sure to display your phone number within the text itself. Sometimes as people are reading, they may read a line of copy that has inspired them to get help. In this brief moment of inspiration, you want to be sure to have the phone number available within the page text itself so that you can capitalize on the phone call at the perfect moment.

It’s common sense. The more accessible you make your phone number, the more phone calls you will get.

Facility Tour Page and Staff Page

The facility tour page plays a huge factor in determining whether someone will call you after browsing your website.

As we map out behavior flow charts of our clients’ sites, we have seen over and over again that people always go to the tour page.

Imagine you’re a parent of someone who is struggling with addiction. Are you going to send your child to a treatment center without knowing what it looks like?

What do the rooms look like? What does the lunchroom look like? Who works there? Does the staff look friendly and what are their credentials?

It is only common sense that you spend time on this page. Here are some common tactics we use…

  • Create a 3D map tour. We can create a walking tour of your facility, much in the same way you can walk down a street on Google maps.
  • Build a slideshow of your facility. Better yet, build different slideshows for different areas. Give a full user experience.
  • Upload a walking tour as a YouTube video. It always pays to have a real person walk through the facility and talk about as if giving the tour in person.

Similar rules apply for staff pages. We recommend building a new page template for these staff pages so that a user can browse through your facility management, clinical staff, counselors, and techs and they can learn about who it is that will be taking care of them of their loved one.

A simple staff layout is fine. Remember, most people will be looking at this page on their cell phones. When we build staff templates, we usually lay them out in a grid style but we always create pages for each staff member to be able to write a bio. This bio is a great way for a potential client to learn the personality and beliefs of your team.

You can see an example on the team page of our company website.

Get the Right Traffic

I find myself having this conversation more and more.

Part of increasing conversion rates is to know where your traffic is coming from and to treat it properly. For example, if you are dedicating most of your drug and alcohol treatment marketing dollars to Facebook ads, your conversion rates will be lower. By nature, Facebook traffic converts at an extremely low percentage because the user didn’t come to your site with the intention to go to treatment.

However, if you spend your budget on building up your brand and organic search, you can bet that traffic will convert at a much higher rate. If someone landed on your website through a Google search related to treatment, you know that person is interested in getting treatment.

So in understanding this, it’s important to know that you can guide these different referral hits to different pages. If you are running a Facebook ad, be sure to send them to a landing page that matches the language of the ad.

If you are getting traffic through your local business page, understand that this person probably doesn’t have the intention of traveling to treatment. You know this simply by understanding where they came from.

Matching your message to your referent is a great way to increase conversions. Simple is better. Make it easy for someone to call you.

Remember, if someone is on your website its because they have a serious problem they need to solve. It’s not about selling them your services, they already need your services. It’s about convincing someone that you are the right service to fix their problem.

In Conclusion

Use your brain.

Why would you be spending money on drug and alcohol treatment marketing without first making sure that you can capitalize on the marketing work you are doing?

Pay attention to design. Be sure it is clean and delivers the message clearly. Pay attention to call to action. You probably don’t even realize that your facility website is making it difficult for a potential client to call. Be sure to measure your conversion rates, because you get what you measure.

Most importantly, don’t make the assumption that more traffic means more conversions. If your conversion funnel is bad, more traffic will only mean more drop-offs.

Be intentional. This is serious work and we need you to be your best.

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    Tim Stoddart is the CEO of Stodzy Internet Marketing. He lives in Nashville with his wife and hit adorable pitbull, Alice. Tim loves to write about digital marketing and personal growth. You can learn more at

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